Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We were waiting for it....

'Coalition backs Stolen Generation Apology' ( ABC news Australia).

So Brendan Nelson bites the bullet... well sort of. I have seen the phrase 'in principle' floating around a bit lately. My local MP, an Independant for New England, also sent around media release stating he supports such an apology 'in principle'.

I looked up 'in principle' and it means 'with regard to the basics'. I wonder what these basics are, or is this just a euphemism for 'ok but no monetary compensation'. A kind of caveat that means one can agree in theory, without have to actually agree, and hence deal with the consequences. I hope perhaps that Brendan will agree 'wholeheartedly' when he sees the 'exact wording' of the apology. It is so interesting watching this complex dance unfold, each step so carefully placed.

For a wonderful commentary see Anggarrgoon's post the anatomy of an apology.


Blogger bulanjdjan said...

Sophie, I agree that it's fascinating watching this unfold. While reading about the latest development in the paper this morning - especially that Ruddock and Abbott support the apology - I'm overwhelmed with sadness at how intensely Howard controlled this issue for so long. It actually feels like grief to realise how much public debate and healing (on many issues, not just this one) has been stifled by one stubborn and mean man.

I'm planning on watching the apology live (ABC are broadcasting it), and hope I'm moved to tears.

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