Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visa updates

I am feeling frustrated this morning. After putting together our application, and then sending in some extra stuff about Eyal's health things are still not resolved. Last week we spoke with the Health people and they said the were currently looking at his application, and that it will be very soon finalised.

We were slightly excited because it is the last piece in the puzzle and the day it is happily done we will be granted the permanent resident visa. Today we called and they said it had been finalised, but would not tell us the result. So we called the immigration dept. and they said it 'looks like' it has been deferred (the health check result), and they may have to write to the manager of the department to find out the final result (??), thus it could be another 2-3 months before we hear of the result.

I just called the immigration dept again on a hunch and found that deferred actually means rejected. Our supportive Case Officer says not to panic, it just means she has to put together submission to her manager and then the Minister for Immigration. It will help if we included things like: a more recent oncologists report, proof of private health insurance: proof I could financially support him if he were sick.

She said she hasn't received confirmation that it has been deferred (rejected) but it says so on the screen: 'computer says naoo'.

So we have to wait for a letter they sent us that will tell us ( I hope) what on earth is going on, and what we need do next.

Just to keep things exciting Eyal's company have suggested today he fly to Israel to start work the day after tomorrow, and return in three weeks.



Blogger bulanjdjan said...

Oh soph! I'm so sorry to hear this. Hugs and squeezes to both of you.

9:40 am  
Anonymous Mike said...

Nice Blog !!!!!!!!!!

I am from India. My son is working in Australia. This summer I decide to go Australia ,what is procedure for visa application in India .let me know.

4:07 pm  

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