Monday, January 21, 2008

Hmmmm these are some choices


Blogger Sophie said...

Now that I come to think about it- I know more about what I don't want- I don't want an old grubby couch from my dad's (like the one I am sitting on) or one I bought in someones yard that droops and needs constant attention to be tolerable...on the other hand none of these look ideal!

6:12 pm  
Blogger Catalin said...

Hmm... Do you want a tall person to be able to lie down on it? How many people should be able to sit side-by-side on it? Do you want to be able to spill coffee on it and not notice? Do you want it to be smooth or textured on bare skin? Do you want it to to say "modern" or "cozy" or "elegant" or "artistic"? Do you want it to blend into a room or stand out?...

Some friends of ours some years ago had just come back from living in Eritrea and had no nice new things. They decided to spend all their "setting up house" money on a single really nice couch. They chose red velvet. It was the star of their living room and anyone who sat on it felt special (especially since most everyone else was sitting on the floor).

5:12 pm  
Blogger Sophie said...

My favourite is the one second from the bottom- it might not be entirely practical ( being white)- but look how lovely and cushy and cottony and inviting it is. I go lie down there and have a little nap right now. I am afraid this kind of couch, ie a white one, could really make a person into a couch-nazi ( Nazi has become quite productive since Siefeld's Soup-nazi!). That is someone who has many regulations and strict rules in regard to their couch!!!!

2:57 pm  

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