Saturday, January 19, 2008


So the plan for this year, roughly is: to get married, probably move to Sydney, and with God and my Hard Drive on my side finish (submit!) my PhD. I know this sounds busy, but compared to last year, it is relatively relaxed. Last year, I really think Eyal and I travelled at an average speed of about 250kms/day ( the worst part was four times across the Atlantic in as many weeks...).

This time last year I had just driven from Tucson, Arizona ( after arriving from Israel the week before), to San Diego California. I spent Christmas and New years there, went to a couple of conferences ( LSA AAAL) and then Eyal and I went on our merry way to Santa Barbara. We did pretty good at creating an illusion of living there for at least five months. But the truth was we went to Israel twice, Tucson once and then moved on to Palo Alto in July. Of course we were only there a month before returning to Australia, and then of course only in NSW for 6 weeks before hitching up our skirts and spending 6 weeks in Ngukurr. Since then, apart from going to Syndey a few times, and spending a few weeks with family over Christmas we have been here in Armidale- for at least umm two consecutive weeks now, nearly three.

Naturally our life in peaceful, rural suburbia is relative bliss (for a few weeks), I am becoming slightly too happy about spending all day washing clothes, folding them and putting them away... and I spend more time than ever in shops that sell just linen. Yes, and further to this, we are contemplating buying a couch. Not just like a '$40 I live with four other students" kind of couch. A real lovely couch, that only an adult who lived in a house would buy... we are also thinking of buying car. No not the $1500 dollar 'it will do' kind of car, but a clean, dustproof, 'babies fit in the back seat' car...

Well obviously (ahem) we are not into materialism, but there is something comforting and less intransient about spending money on a new couch. Quite irresistible.


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What are the features of your ideal couch?

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