Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aboriginal Archive Offers New Digital Rights Management

You can read this news story here. The amazing thing about it was that I read it in on the BBC international headlines!! This is wonderful! Not least because it is about the Warumungu people, NJ would be so pleased. I would like to know more about this software... anybody know? It seems like the kind of the thing the language centre would like to know about.


"Dr Kimberly Christian, who helped to develop the archive, told BBC World Service's Digital Planet programme that the need to create these profiles came from community traditions over what can and cannot be seen.

"It grew out of the Warumungu community people themselves, who were really interested in repatriating a lot of images and things that had been taken from the community," she said.

"You find this a lot in indigenous communities, not just in Australia but around the world... this really big push in these communities to get this information back and let people start looking at it and narrating it themselves."