Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ngukurr October 2007

We arrrived in Ngukurr about two weeks ago. So much has happened since then, its hard to know where to start. It is really lovely to be back. I surprised myself by feeling much more relaxed this time around. Having Eyal with me is great ( especially since he enjoys it here), and the language centre is thriving.

The entire community looks well actually, things look a little cleaner and greener, there are no petrol sniffers around, and these last weeks ceremony has been going strong here.

Every morning three, sometimes four language workers come to language centre, create resources for teaching at the school , look things up in the dictionary, or ring around for words or spellings, sit around making tea and laugh a lot. It is much easier to feel satisfied that I am doing a good job, and I don't feel responsible for the running of the language centre. Sometimes much the opposite, the workers here take it on themselves to take me to the school and introduce me to the teachers, drive around and pick up other people for work, and generally take pride in creating and organising many parts of the language centre- good onya Wamut, and good onya all the language centre mob! Its great to be here.

More soon! I had to start somewhere....


Blogger bulanjdjan said...

Great to see you took that first step! (to post agin!)

And great to hear how well things are running out there, though after Wamut's presentation at ILC, there was little doubt, really :)

11:43 am  

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