Friday, August 31, 2007

Recipe for 'Home'

First you will need to go away for a while, just to get a real sense of what you miss. This also lets you know what you should include in your recipe ( each person will need to tailor it to their taste). Me , for example, I missed the sweet scent of eucalyptus in the air, hugs from my mum, text messages and dinners with my friends. I missed the accents, understanding how things worked, giving way to the right at round-abouts, and feeling normal about wearing blundstone boots. I missed the call of the ABC news on TV, on only having a few channels, of living somewhere where you knew what the weather was outside even when you were in.

I missed sitting in front of the fire at my dad's house in winter and hearing the rain drumming on the roof, of getting muddy outside and hearing the frogs chorus. I missed the reasonable sized cars and large expanses of open country, clear horizons and empty quiet beaches.

Well, anyway, getting back to the recipe,-once you have a few ingredients sorted out, maybe write them down, or just think about them ( they might change each day). Put them together with someone you love, some clean towels, and a chopping board, your own cupboard with food in, and your own private space.

You don't need to shake or stir or bake or anything. You just put them all there. And observe, you will see it emerge soon enough- there you have it! (also a good cure-all)


Blogger bulanjdjan said...

So good to have you back and have you posting again! Welcome home!

3:51 pm  
Anonymous Laraba said...

Oh Sophie, this is so beautiful! You know, I miss lots of your home too... And I'm still trying to find my own home. Just like you wrote: ingredients might change daily! Laraba/Maggie

10:09 pm  

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