Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ngukurr again...

In a few weeks, after our rather short repose here in Armidale, Eyal and I will pack up again and head for Ngukurr via Adelaide and Alice Springs. I have the usual feelings about going, which is the a kind of vague anxiety about it not working out or doing something wrong or noone remembering me etc. mixed with excitement at being back and seeing everyone again, and bringing Eyal with me.

This time it is coupled with the worrying reports of what is happening in Ngukurr as a result of the government's latest fiasco. I am reading a book at the moment called Carpentaria by Alexis Wright (winner of the Miles Franklin Award), which is a beautiful novel and worth a look at, especially if you have or ever will spend some time up around the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Today I received a copy of the Olgaman, NJ's obituary in the Australia Aboriginal Studies Journal. It has been just over a year since she passed away.


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