Friday, September 21, 2007

Post VSU

So now that voluntary student unionism has come into play ( it used to be mandatory to pay to join the student union), the student union and its services have diminished considerably. At least here at UNE, there is no longer a discounted student dentist available, and after talking with the VC it sounds like it is very hard to get any student groups motivated to 'do' things and create university spirit anymore.

But even worse- the state of the food at UNE is pathetic. There are two places to buy food, open only until about 2pm, one is an expensive sit down and eat kind of restaurant ( about 12-15$ a meal), the other is a small cafeteria with boxed and packaged foods- sandwiches and drinks, on average you would spend 10$ on some food and a drink for lunch. It used to be open all day and it used to give discounts to students...

There also used to be a grand long table with different kinds of salads hot foods, fruits and pies, a full bar and a bustling lunchtime trade where you could spend as much or as little as you wanted. When I asked about it on my return to UNE, the guy said- 'oh that hasn't been around for ages'...

Bobala (sp!) me I have to go home at five pm or I die of hunger! Where is the all night coffee and sandwiches?!

Ironically the health and fitness centre at the uni was given a grant to support it through the hard times and is building a huge extension!


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