Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Perfect Day in LA

We had a very wholesome weekend. It was refreshing and peaceful. We spent the weekend visiting our friend Bonnie in Pasadena. It was kind of like going to home to mum for the weekend (Bonnie is the mother of a good friend) :) . We ate lots of good food, and on Saturday morning decided , on a whim, to go to a Dodgers game at the LA Dodgers Baseball stadium. It was a perfect day with a big blue sky and a gentle breeze. We bought the cheapest seats right up the top (with the perfect view), so that we could leave anytime if it became boring. Bonnie explained the game as it went along, and others around us joined in explaining how the game worked, the teams ( it was the Dodgers vs. the Chicago Cubs), we drank lite beer, ate hot dogs and enjoyed a peaceful afternoon. There was something very comforting and well, fun, about this aspect of American culture. Many people had their entire family in tow, and enjoyed the chance to play with their children, or hold hands with their date. Unlike going to the movies there was plenty of time to chat, and watch the view to the mountains.

The game was exciting and we stayed until the end. Bonnie drove us around Hollywood and Beverly Hills and we ended up at the sea, where we ate some good fish and then came home :).


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