Monday, November 14, 2005


I have been here for a week, and with some concerted effort I have managed to enjoy myself. I got my brothers bike fixed up and I have been riding to uni and back which feels good, and I have been rock climbing ( on an indoor wall) which I really enjoy and feel a bit addicted too. The first night Cindy ( who I share an office with) and I spent nearly two hours ( until our arms were shaking and swollen) challenging ourselves. I think after sitting down all day reading and writing I feel a bit of a kamikaze streak in myself and want to ride my bike as fast as possible and climb as high as possible....luckily I haven't damaged myself or anyone else.
Though I have been considering just how far I could ride ( I have no car); there are a lot of beautiful gorges and bushland around here, just out of reach so to speak when riding. But i am building to the idea of riding somewhere sleeping there and riding back.
Maybe the best thing about riding around Armidale is all the beautiful gardens, often wet after rain that smell so beautiful, mingled with people cooking inside their houses and the wet road. It is so easy to forget to connect with the world around through senses.
The good thing about being at uni ( or rather the indulgent thing) is that all your time is your own. Apart from worrying about what other people might think, I have no reason to be anywhere at any time. No-one expects me anywhere, which is simultaneously liberating and lonely. At this point it is mainly liberating and I can spend as much time as I want riding home, or wandering around the library, or just lying on the grass thinking...
Soon I will start travelling again... to Melbourne and Sydney, Elands and then maybe to Newcaslte... where I will try settling down for a few months at least.


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