Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Coffee at Aspen's

Since I last wrote I have been flitting about from Ngukurr to Darwin and back ( with Nicholas this time) and then to Sydney and Elands, Newcastle, Sydney and now Elands again ( in that order I think), my travels have revolved around visiting friends and family and has been in some ways an indescribable joy and luxury. Eating good food with good friends, I suppose too, finding that I have a home somewhere even if it isnt an actual place.
I am in Elands now looking after my younger sister as both her parents are away visiting their parents... my stepmother ( ex defacto(??) little mami?) anyway my sister's mum left me the car the house the food and the kid. She ( the kid) is wonderful company and I am getting alot of satisfaction cooking and eating and playing the piano with her, walking her down to the bus stop in the morning to send her to school (Calypso is 10) and pick her up from the bus, and while away my time in between... smelling the sweet air filled with green spring softness after the huge storms and days of rain. Cooking and cleaning and walking around visiting people.

I went for a swim today ( even though the rivers are swollen and brown from the heavy rain) the water was cool and felt light and clear. I went to my dad's house and found that a young spring couple (little birdies) had built a little mud and feather nest in the roof of my room there, I felt very happy to see someone had been using the room while I was away). I must say I feel uniformally refreshed... I cant believe how easy life is. There are still times when I dont feel so enchanted... but I am more and more inclined to relax and accept the way things are turning out rather than feeling angry and confused and hurt (though I think there is alot somewhere below the surface... whenever someone gets me talking about Ngukurr I feel my voice getting wobbly with emotion... missing everyone..sigh).

I am typing this from my friend Aspen's cafe , you can see out the back all the way across the 'Oxygen Farm' (ie bush) to the sea across the mountains. It is such a beautiful place to hang out Asp has made it into a really beautiful place and anyone who is not here should come and visit and spend some time breathing the air and eating the good food ( North Coast of NSW).

Go Language Centre Mob !! you legends, I think of you often and with much respect and admiration at the hard work you are doing.


Blogger Wamut said...

Thanks Sopi. You're great :-)

9:46 am  
Blogger Catalin said...

I love picturing you at elands. I wonder how different it will be from my mental pictures?

I'm so glad you're enjoying life and letting it be easy and light. It's a good reminder to us all of how life can be.

9:42 pm  

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