Sunday, October 30, 2005

Elands in Spring

This is a photo of my dad's house in Elands, where I ma sitting, except that at the moment it is dark and raining. Each day for the last week or so beautiful huge storms have been rolling in and settlingi n for the afternoon of thunder and lightning and wind and rain.

Last week a spectacular display of hail held everyone captive for the afternoon. The ground was momentarily covered with small white balls of ice, it looked like snow on the ground, and just when you thought it couldn't get any heavier another wave would pour down, so loud you couldnt here yourself talk. About an hour later it clear and the sun was shining and birds singing and frogs (sounding gleeful) started croaking again water vapour was rising up from the road.

To be in Elands at the moment it is very hard not to be constantly interacting with and being influenced by the environment and weather. This could also be in part because of the nature of the houses, which leak, and the roads and rivers which are easily flooded, and of course, the power and the telephone which are at the mercy of the thunderstorms.

Calypso and I spent the evening yesterday ( the rain had eased off) chasing fireflies and trying to get a good photo.. they mainly turned out black ( with a couple of dots of light). It was like chasing fairies around the forest. We got wet and muddy and enjoyed ourselves alot!


Blogger Catalin said...

too bad about the blog-spam comment above, but anyway, thanks for the beautiful description of the weather in Elands. I'm excited to visit!

11:34 am  

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