Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I realise perhaps a little too much has changed for anyone to make the jump from studying in the USA to desperately trying to reach Israel (fairly often!). The key to this lies in me being fairly newly and very happily engaged :) to an Israeli. We had been friends for some years and due to an interesting and unusual sequence of events met up again after many years and fell in love- proceeded to take the world by storm (Australia-Israel-Vienna-Croatia-Israel-NYC-New Mexico..) we are now fairly settled in Santa Barbara, CA.

And by 'safe is Israel' (see below)- I mean despite from the occasional war, I feel very safe and well taken care of here. And it is easy to feel I have a family (Eyal's) and a home to come back to :). There is something to do with feeling safe which just means you know you will always have someone to eat with, and a hug whenever you need it; somethings I haven't always found in the USA.


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Good on you for all your assertiveness and determintation Soph, though I imagine it must have been pretty harrowing doing all this while worrying about a) Eyal's health and b) whether you'd make it to Israel in time for his appointment.

Thank goodness you've been swallowed up with love upon arrival. Rest easy.

10:19 am  
Blogger bulanjdjan said...

And great to see you posting again!

yu baba

10:20 am  

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