Friday, August 18, 2006

Blog Death

:) I am New York, I arrived here via Israel, Croatia and Austria a couple of days ago. I am flying to New Mexico today. Everything is a whirlwind of amazing. The good news is I am very happy, the bad news (?) is that I have decided to retire my blog and return to group mails, at least for the moment. Mainly just to reach my friends and family who actually I have noticed rarely read this blog (except for you lovely linguists!) and it is hard to write everything down in two places!

So look out for my emails ( from a gmail account). And please get in touch if I have not received any and you are interested in reading about my adventures.



Blogger bulanjdjan said...

A, pobala yu blog!

Im rait main baba. Yu kip gon.

12:45 pm  
Blogger Claire said...

Hi Sophie, welcome to the US! Some of my students will be coming to Albuquerque in November for HDLS. I enjoyed reading your blog. Feel free to email if you've got any questions about the US (or anything.

7:38 am  

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