Tuesday, June 06, 2006

New South Wales

I have been enjoying being back on the East coast, even if I am only here long enough to sort out what I have been doing the last few months and prepare for what I want to do in the coming months! Most importantly I have been home (to Elands) to visit, well Elands-! But also friends and family... here are a few photos, starting with good old Ellenborough Falls

Watching the sun set with Lizzie

Jumping fences..
Aspen at Elands, owner of 'Aspen's at Elands'.. the cafe with the best view in the Southern hemisphere ( and the most gorgeous owner) ..


Blogger Catalin said...

Nice to see Elands again. I have such good memories of that place and all the beautiful people we met while there!

4:03 am  

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