Sunday, April 09, 2006

Northern Territory 2005 Photos

Here are some photos of when Nicholas came to visit me- and a few work photos.The view from Ngukurr (which is on a little hill) in all directions, in the dry season that is- at the moment it looks the same but on some sides the trees are waist deep in water...

Pobala that Ngukurr Language Centre! The little workspace, the tiny living space, the lovely tin everything ...

Some of the Roper (ie Ngukurr) language workers and I went to the coast (of the Gulf of Carpentaria) to work with some Old People there who are the last speakers of Marra language. We recorded some good stories and songs.

Some Ngukurr mob took us out fishing to a special beautiful place. The Old Man sung for us (telling the country we were there- to provide for us) Nick caught two fish, and even I caught one. We didnt really know what to do with them though, one of Nick's jumped back in... we ate them later after cooking them on the fire.

Hot springs! in Mataranka- Nicholas wanted me to take a photo of the algae - not just the pretty parts. Unfortunately because it is already so hot, hot springs don't seem that cool ( so to speak).

This is in Kakadu National Park- it is exciting to see this much water (with no crocs!) in the dry season ( when it hasn't rained for nearly 6 months).

In the dry season all the country gets burnt ( either on purpose or by chance), it 'cleans up' the country and creates beautiful contrasting colours, of red and black and then green as new shoots come through.

Solar powered cars are all over the NT (not really- but we were lucky enough to see a few because there was a race on between Darwin and Alice while we were driving in the same direction)

On the (red, dusty, long) road with all the (beautiful, wide, open) country.

Off on an adventure!


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