Monday, June 16, 2008

Sticky data ( a rant and rave)

As I go over and over and over the discourse data that I have gathered I begin to get a feeling like it is thick sticky treacle. Everytime I think I have found a patterns and a framework which nicely displays it, it is like sticking my hand deep in the goop. And then I think well if I put my legs in too, I might be able to pull myself out.... I end up a big frustrated mess. Covered in wonderful data, and not able to form it into ANYTHING consistent.

Ok, so now I have scraped it all off and formed it into something resembling something, and then I go and stick my hands and my head into the literature... "word order in discourse", "what is focus", "focal discourse particles" and the likes. Very sticky, very messy, very hard to know what the shape is they really make.

AAAGH get it off me!!

BUT, I am going to write it anyway. And present it at ALS, and everyone can come along and have a giggle at the debacle, or if they are really brave, get into it.

See you there!


Blogger Catalin said...

What a great evocative metaphor!

4:24 am  
Blogger bulanjdjan said...

So appropriate! Can't wait to jump into the pot with you properly - maybe we can hold each other up until we find our way to shore?!

2:56 pm  
Blogger Francesca said...

Hi there,

I am an undergraduate mini-linguist studying at Reed College in Portland, OR, and I am trying to put together a proposal for a fellowship. The project I am trying to come up with would revolve around issues of linguistic identity versus cultural identity. I stumbled upon your blog in one way or another (really, I don't remember how), and I was wondering whether you knew of any language projects in your area (or anything else outside of the US, really, I am hyper-open to suggestions) that, in one way or another, work to address these issues, or whether you had any contact information for anyone that might have any insight on the matter. I realize this is very abstract (the greatest challenge for me has been to try to find organizations so as to somehow materialize a proposal!), but either way I thank you in advance for your time.

Sorry if this is a semi-sketch way to contact you, but I obviously do not have your contact information. I include the link to my own weblog should you wish to reply there, though here will work just fine, too, whatever works for you! Thanks again!
Have a lovely day!


3:45 pm  
Blogger bulanjdjan said...

Hey baba!

How about a mini wrap-up of Lingfest for those of us too ----- (fill in the blank) to make it. How did your paper go??? :-)

10:05 pm  

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